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Why Embuzz Our Projects

Warm Greetings from Embuzz Technologies Private Limited!!!

Founded in 2010 as "M/S. Embuzz Technologies", We grown in to "Embuzz Technologies Private Limited" in 2014 specially for innovating new experience in the expertise technologies such as,

  • Embedded System Linux (On ALP, C, MicroPython), Internet Of Things, Automation, SCADA, Robotics.
  • Computer Aided Design, Communication Protocols, Biometric Interfaces, Mechatronics Designing.
  • Data Logger, Android Application Support, Web Design & Development, Domain Hosting, Image / Video Acquisition and Many more...

The Aim is to provide excellent services to our customers for our projects and relevant guidance to enhance their skills to grow with us. Our secret of success and our strength is, we never try to convince our customers with “Quantity” but “The Quality”.


"Embuzz" - The brand of quality. We are one among the best companies in South India. We have separate Development Unit and Training Unit for Sensor Development / IOT / Embedded Systems / Robotics / Automation / Mechatronics / Web Design and Development at various locations. We always use Smart and Experienced Professionals to Serve Our Clients. To be Honest, Rather keeping financial targets, We always work for client satisfaction and that is our prime target too.

Product Development

Our Product development mainly involves modification of an existing product or its presentation, or formulation of an entirely new product that satisfies a newly defined customer need or market niche. We usually make a new product strategy, idea generation, screening and evaluation then we do business analysis, development, testing, and finally commercialization before inching towards completion stage.

Creative Designing

Our design methodology involves in problem-solving and creativity but Production involves a routine or pre-planned process. A design can also be a mere plan that does not include a production or engineering processes although a working knowledge of such processes is usually expected from designers. Creative thinking solves complex problems and same concepts with fresh & different logical solutions.

Entrepreneur Empowerment

We empower our candidates to follow few steps to improve their skills and self respect as mentioned below because we have employees working "with" us but not "under" us. We have produced over 70+ company owners till date.
1. Take responsibility for learning what you need; don’t expect others to teach you.
2. Initiate action; don’t wait for others to give you directions.
3. Find ways to keep going; don’t let setbacks stop you from making progress.
4. There’s risk of failing, losing money, wasting time and looking foolish, among other things but don’t wait. Make mistakes and learn.
For more details click: www.embuzz.in

Mentoring Services

Orientation Training: We Make new employees with strong basic knowledge required to perform the job satisfactorily.
Onboarding Training: The process of integrating a new employee into the organization and its culture.
Technical Skills Development Training: We mentor our people with the right abilities and knowledge needed to perform specific technical task.
Soft Skills Training: For students, to perform efficiently in from academic environment to their future workplace.
Products and Services Training: educating sales and other professionals about a company’s products or services.

For more details click: www.embuzz.in

Our Products and Achievements

We are one of the leading product support industry for 70+ products for various technical consultants such as Vibration Meters, Automation Unit in 3-Component Wind Turbine, Home and Industrial Automation Systems and Security System Using Bluetooth, GSM as well as Internet of Things (Wifi Modules), Vending Machines, Water Level Controller, Etc... Our Training Division placed their foot over 500+ Education Institutions, and produced over 1000+ professionals includes 70+ entrepreneurs and few company owners. We were honoured with "RYLA'17 - Rotory Youth Leadership Award" from Prestigious Rotory Club.

Wanna Reach Your Goal??? Wanna increase your chances of success???

L(E)arn More... Experience More... Because, Experience Is The Only Teacher That Can Educate 'U' To Become A "POWERFUL PERFORMER", Rather A Blind Placement Seeker!!! We Always Feel Happy To Motivate You & Guide You.
Development Is Our Profession!!! Training Is Our Passion!!!

Business Partners And Clients

Happy to mention a few below, Our Two Eyes Of "Embuzz"!!! Business Partners, Who always share a valuable space in different product requirements of ours and theirs to grow business upto potential parallelly. Happy Clients, Who use our technical services and our professional resources to grow themselves and us. We are always humble and thankful to both of them...


Your feedback and sugessions are very precious to improve us. Thanks for spending time for us.

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